May 7, 2009

The Unveiling of Symphony Skins – Generation # 3

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Welcome to my first post on the Savvy Shopper blog.

I’ve been trying to think of something worthy of my first post, and today, I had the best treasure dropped on me by Claire Harford, of Symphony Skins.

If you’re not familiar with Claire’s work, you really should have a peek at these “Beautiful and radiant hand painted female skins available in five skintones.   From the purest pale tone Soprano to the deepest, brooding tone Baritone, you will surely fine a tone that suits your inner Diva!”.

I stumbled on to Symphony skins last summer while wanting to change my look (again).  (I do it often in SL, simply because I can!)  I had been to dozens of popular shops, however 1500-1800L for a single skin was out of my price range.    I was immediately impressed that these skins were not over stated, or outrageous.   These skins were gorgeous, and something I could afford.   I was able to purchase a pack, for less than I could have paid for one of the other skins I was looking at.   I was chuffed!

That was 2 generations ago.  The first generation has since been discontinued  *SS* No. 2   is still available in the store if you want to check them out.

Let’s get on to the new stuff.   Remember, the official unveiling isn’t until tomorrow, so you are really getting a treat here.

Below is the Soprano skin tone.  Its a fair skin, with lovely coloring

Soprano berrycafe

Next we have the Contralto, which is similar to my RL skin tone.

con clariyenvy

Alto is a nice, mid-toned skin

Alto - pink sky
Tenor is a tanned looking skin, and the tone that I choose most of the time.


Baritone is a rich, dark tanned  tone.


Aren’t these fabulous !?!?

Claire was generous enough to provide specific details in a note card, about the new line, so let’s see what she had to say.   Everything in italics has been copy & pasted, directly from Claire’s note.

“There is currently 12 faces in series one, with multiple brow/body options for versatility. There are MANY more makeup options to come as well.

The new series come in Day and Night versions.
All demo skins are shown with the (DB) option.
Day demo’s are shown with the standard bust option.
Night demo’s are shown with the Busty option.

– Sheer coverage foundation that lets your skin breathe
– Unique lip stain formula for a long lasting hint of colour
– Fresh and natural apple blush for a no-makeup look
– Easy to blend, perfectly matched shades of eyeshadow
– Three Brow colours to compliment your hairstyle
– Busty version included to enhance your womanly goods

– Full coverage foundation for a flawless finish
– Creamy, moisturizing lipsticks, infused with colour
– Mineral rich blush for the cheekbones you crave
– Vibrant shades of eyeshadow and smoldering eyeliners
– Three Brow colours to compliment your hairstyle
– Busty version included to enhance your womanly goods

Each single skin has 6 variations of the same face. (How cool is that!?)

To help you decipher my code, here is the key:
Busty= enhanced bust line
(LB)= light brow, designed for lighter shades of hair
(DB)= dark brow, designed for darker shades of hair
(RB)= red brow, designed for reddish shades of hair

600L per single skin
1,000L per Night & Day Duo
2,500L per Night *or* Day Version
4,000L for the entire series

I told you the prices were amazing!

Along with these releases, Claire will also be offering permanent dollarbies in her store.

  • Face light
  • Nail polish to match the skins,
  • Sculpted eyelashes
  • Sculpted lip gloss

That’s what I said, lip gloss!?

These lipglosses have been sculpted to conform to the default avatar mesh, so they *should* fit almost everyone with some tweaking of size and position (ok, so they will never fit *everyone* given how extreme some of the sliders can go).

Each version is a single sculpted prim which attaches to the mouth position by default. If you wear a *smile* attachment, it’s gonna mess with these lips.

They have modify and copy permissions so you can make backups and alternate versions for different makeup styles.

*Glossy Pout*
has texture applied to the lower lip only.
*Super Shine* has gloss applied to both the upper and lower lip.
*Perfect Pout* has a radial glow from the inner lips that fades to the edges.

The lip glosses HAVE MOD AND COPY RIGHTS!   Don’t forget to make a backup and then play around to your hearts content.   Tint them, stretch them, add a new texture- most of all… ENJOY!!!

I am so grateful, and excited that I have been allowed to be part of the new release coverage on Claire’s new skin line.    Claire is a wonderful person, I highly recommend that you visit her store, and of course encourage you to try out these gorgeous skins for yourself.   I am confident that you will not be disappointed.

The unveiling is tomorrow!   I hope to see you there !!




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