May 21, 2009

Callie Cline Appreciation Day

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A blogger challenge of sorts has been issued.    Its a tribute to Callie for all she had done, in putting together the Blogger Appreciation day, which turned in to a week of festivities as indicated in my previous post.

Being a long time “caL-gaL” and forever spoiled by our lovely leader, as well as a member of  the Blogger Group, I am only too happy to honor Ms. Callie Cline.

How do you thank someone that rallied together SL’s best-of-the-best, got them to donate amazing gifts, some of them being exclusive offerings to spoiled all the group members?   Mere words will never be enough, they could never do her justice.

Callie is iconic.    Here are a few examples of  Callie’s achievements.

  • She has made the Maxim Top 100 List, in 2007. (yes, the RL popular Magazine!)
  • She’s teamed up with Pontiac, and was their Spokes Avatar 2007-2008
  • owner of caLLie cLine, tOmbOy, :: home :: & nEkOtUrE
  • model
  • spokes avi
  • &  much, much more

A person of so many talents, she has reached celebrity status in SL and yet manages to remain grounded, approachable,  friendly, and loveable.

I was going through my inventory today, looking for something CC to blog, I tried on many things, I mixed & I matched.  I went over to the store, looked around, and who do you suppose gave me a big welcoming “Hi Savannah!”?    Miss Callie herself!

I purchased some accessories, tried on some more clothes, frantic, not knowing what I was going to say about our beloved Diva or the outfit, then the light bulb went off over my head!

I asked myself, “What do you think of, when you think of Callie?”    The answer was simple.   LOVE.

I present you with “Angel Love.”

Callie_Angel Love

I picked up this outfit around Valentine’s Day.  I absolutely adore it.  It lends itself to the “Shabby Chic”  or “Grunge Princess” style, with the simple,  long sleeved, printed white t-shirt, paired with a patterned sculpted waist band, and flexi tulle skirt.

The accessories, oooooh the accessories!  *swoons*

A zebra printed, silk neck scarf, that matches the zebra print Kick Shickers, which have a band around the ankle, of skulls, and big jeweled heart gems.


The detail in the gems alone, is exquisite.   See the pic below for a close up of the jewelry included in the pack.   You can’t help but notice the size of that ROCK!


A larger version of the heart gem adorns the waist of the skirt.   This gem is color changeable, making this skirt an invaluable piece in your inventory.   Also included is the leather and diamond bracelet also shown above.

Amazing isn’t it!?  Just like Callie.

From the bottom of my heart Callie, thank you for everything you did to bring us all together last week, all you do for  your  caL gaLs, and everyone else who’s life you have touched just by being you.   You truly are an inspiration and role model.




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