May 26, 2009

Luna’s Boutique

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I was perusing the blog circuit today, and came across a post with the deal of the century!   For today only, this gorgeous outfit is only 100L, boots included.  Amazing, I know!


Head over to Luna’s Boutique, to buy your own copy of “*Night*.”  This outfit, with the long skirt, leather bra & corset is available on the main floor.   After today, it will be marked up to 700L which is still not out of line for an outfit of this quality, especially since the boots are included.

As shown in the pic above, the gown does come with a fur collar.   If fur is not your thing, it still looks great with the shrug without the fur.


There is a bit of bling in the fur collar, and the belt buckle, but its not over done.

The leather boots are included, and are a great staple to any wardrobe, without all the scripts lagging you down.

Hurry over while its on sale.

Don’t forget to have a look around the store as well.   You will find a 100L section, as well as a 50L section, and freebies.     You will be sure to find something to suit your budget.

There is a fantastic Vintage Goth Gown near the freebie section, for just 10L.   Here is a peek.

combine Goth

I love the rich tapestry & the high collar in this gown.   I paired it with the boots that came with the *Night* outfit above.

Until next time …



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  1. Capt. Red said,

    the goth gown is indeed pretty! thanks for the heads up! it’s not trashy looking or blingtarded….it would work in our Victorian Steampunk sims very well! Cheers!
    ~Capt. Red

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