May 29, 2009

Inga Wind

Posted in Store Reviews at 10:45 by savvyd

I heard about Inga Windthrough fellow blogger and friend, HoneyBear Lilliehook.   I hadn’t  run across her creations in my SL travels (for shame) until Honey pointed the way.

*IW* has quite an assortment of clothes.   Everything ranging from jeans, evening wear, even a wedding gown.

There are discounted sections in the store as well,with selections priced a 0L and some at 30L.    Feast your eyes on this example of what 30L can buy you.


Group Membership certainly has its privileges at *IW*.   New releases, like that shown below are regularly priced at 300L.

Inga Wind_005

If you are a group member, you can pick it up for 220L.    That’s a significant 80L savings, and a great deal considering the shoes are purse are included in the purchase price. 

 Instructions on how to join the group are at the store.

It was love at first sight when I found this dress.    I had to have it.  It’s certainly not something I’ll wear everyday, and wasn’t on sale – consider it a guilty pleasure.

Inga page

Matching shoes come with this set, and jewelry is also available and sold separately.  Have a look at the rich, detailed texture.

Shoes & Texture

Notice the feather accent on the toe of the shoe.  The same feather is used in the earrings, and necklace.

*IW* often has store hunts.   She has 2 running until tomorrow, the Cinderella Hunt and the Petal Hunt.  

If you decide to do the Cinderella hunt, you will be looking for 9 acorns through the store, there are some “bogus” acorns as well, just to make it more fun.  One of the acorns I picked up gave me an aspirin.  *LOL*

The Petal Hunt has you looking for flower petals, that contain pieces to 5 outfits.   *Good Luck* 

There are lots of wonderful items at this store.  Have a look for yourself.

Thank you Honey for introducing me to the wonderful world of Inga Wind creations.   

Until next time …




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