June 24, 2009

:: Psycho Kat :: is back!

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I got a message, and a box full of goodies from Cale Barbosa of Psycho Kat.   He is back in Second Life after a 6+ month hiatus.    His rest served him well.   Not only did he bring back the tattoos he’s been most known for, this time he is also trying his hand at skins and clothes.

Here is a sample of what you can find at Psycho Kat.


This is a sample of the brightly colored  “Hooks & Scars” tattoo, along with the “Adreena” skin.   Most of the tattoo samples I received, also have a faded version for those who prefer a more worn look to their ink.

The skins are definitely something for those who are more daring or adventurous and not something that I personally would wear on a daily basis; but I do love the definition put on the eyes with the liner.


I will definitely wear these skins again.  I have specific ideas in mind for each of these skins, for club events, etc.

Below are a small sample of some of the clothes that Cale has been working on.

This is a limited edition of the “Cold Love” Set.

psycho kat_001

Sweet, yet  sexy is the vibe of this ensemble for me.  The cardigan insinuates wholesome, and the expose mid-rift indicates otherwise.

If you prefer, cardigans and jeans are also sold as separates, and the only limit to your style, is your imagination.

The “Rainbow Cupcake” dress shown below has a very sweet,  retro feel upon first glance.

psycho kat_002

Take a  closer look, and you’ll notice the skulls adorning the hems of the dress.   I love that the skulls add a complete contrast to the girly hearts and rainbows.

If the pics above aren’t enough to entice you to pop over to see Cale, and his new store, perhaps the fact that he has some product samples set out, in the form of dollarbies for you to try for yourself.

A 3-pack of the fun, and funky skins … 1L!  The “So Scene it Hurts” tattoos, 1L!   What are you waiting for?!

Cale is showing a lot of promise with his clothing designs, I am anxious to see what comes next.

Thanks again Cale for allowing me to pimp your wares.



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