August 2, 2009

“Bear Feet” Savvy Shoe Preview!

Posted in General at 18:43 by savvyd

We are slaves to making our SL avatars heavenly visions, free of imperfections, and real-life looking.    Its no surprise that the prim toed shoes are sweeping the SL market place and selling like hot cakes, even when priced at nearly $2400L per pair.

The shoes are elegant and sexy.   The toes neatly aligned in the narrow shoe, the pedicure you’d have to spend hours for in the salon.      The real life me isn’t comfortable in heels, and as much as I’d like to be graceful in a good pair of stilettos its just not me.  My avatar on the other hand, rarely wears anything else.

I have written an article on prim toe shoes previously, (Essence of Style) and stated that I would love to buy a pair of shoes, that would instantly match my skin tone.  As much as I love “pretty feet shoes”,  it drives me mental the amount of time I spend  trying to get them to match perfectly.    Realistically, I know that there are no highlights on the prim feet, therefore, they’ll never match exactly, but I am a little “OC” like that.

HoneyBear Lilliehook,  has made my dream come true!     Granted, these shoes are still in the beta testing stage, but I am so excited about these, I couldn’t wait for the official release!

HoneyBear's Bear Feet - Savvy

These shoes have some of SL’s best and most popular skin tones programmed in.   Redgrave, Belleza, Laqroki, and Lion Skins newest release, “Cana” are just a click away on the easy-to-use hud.


Here I am wearing a Cana skin, and I love how the shoes seamlessly match.  The nail polish choices are wonderful, and you will find something to match every outfit.

The right ankle is elegantly adorned with simple chain.  There aren’t any charms, or any unnecessary clutterings.  These shoes will look perfect with your mini skirt, jeans, capris and your formal gown.   They are simply elegant, and  named “Savvy”.   Hey wait, that’s me!!  *smiles broadly*

The shoes will be available in a gorgeous array colors and released at the unbelievably low price of just $299L.     I will be keeping my fingers crossed for a FAT-pack!

Another secret you should be aware of is that Honey will also be releasing 3 more styles in addition to what you see here very soon.

If you haven’t been to HoneyBear’s store, you really need to check it out.   Its the home of the 49L shoe!    The “Savvy” shoe should be out no later than Wednesday, August 5th.

Honey will also be putting a pair in the MM board when they are released, so check in often!!

I’ll see you at the store!



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  1. HoneyBear said,

    Awww, thanks Savvy! Appreciate the great write-up 🙂

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