November 7, 2009

Symphony Skin preview

Posted in Skin tagged , , , at 10:26 by savvyd

The Vanity Universe Skin Fair starts today, and as always, my friend Claire Harford of Symphony Skins was kind enough to drop her latest & greatest on me for review.

The new skin tone is called Base, and is making “her” debut later today.   This is the deepest, darkest, richest tone ever released by Symphony Skins.  The make-up & skin are flawless, giving an almost air-brushed look.

Claire provides day time make up, as well as darker night-time make up, with several colored brow options, as well as an enhanced breast option.

Have a look.

Symphony Skins- Base Night&Day

With gorgeous shadow shades like 24-carat, purple haze, moss, steel, cornflower & candy, Base is sure to please those with even the most discriminating tastes, and can be coordinated with everything in your wardrobe.

If you don’t want to fight the lag monster at the Skin Fair, you can always shop in comfort at Claire’s store, where Base is also currently available at L$600 per make up color or L$1000 for the day/night combo.

Claire offers incredible savings if you purchase of the entire skin-tone range!

Have fun shopping!



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