November 26, 2009

MUA by Djinn & Tonic

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MUA by Djinn & Tonic is being released TODAY at .44 Caliber’s mainstore.

Skin packs generously include 20 skins! Each skin is sold by brow/shadow color and comes with (5) amazing lipstick shades, a freckle, and no pubic hair variation for a mere 1500L giving you value for your hard earned money.

Short on cash?   You’re in luck!  There is a free skin in the store.

Feeling Lucky?

There are 11 different prizes to be won, including some fat packs.

  • 5 winners will be chosen from the in-world Djinn & Tonic group.  Search “Djinn & Tonic” if you have a group slot left.  (There is a one-time membership fee of 250L).
  • 5 winners will be chosen from the subscribo group.   Click the kiosk here.
  • 1 skin set will be given to one of Glance Magazine’s members as well! (To qualify you have to not only be in Glance’s group but you also have to be in the Djinn & Tonic group in world.)

The skins are absolutely gorgeous.  Makeup colors include, Apple, Pomegranate, Deadly Nightshade, Hazel, Pumpkin, Fern, Broom, Sage, Mandrake & Mint.   All of which are ingredients  used in Wiccan rituals, giving the skins a dark, mysterious feel.

Skins come in 3 tones, pale, natural & sun-kissed.  The highlights and shading on the skin are very natural, and not over done.   Bravo!

My personality allows me to wear the more, dare I say, outrageous make up, so for me, the heavy shadow & the prominent lips are win!     Let me know what you think!

Shown above I am wearing the Brunette Brown option.  From left to right, shadow colors are as follows:   Apple [Sun-kissed], Broom [Sun-kissed] & the gift skin [Natural].

There are 1500 skins with this release when you consider all the options available.   This has been quite an undertaking!

Congratulations & kudos to Babyhoney Bailey her first skin release.  I am officially hooked!

Be sure to stop by the store and try on these demos!   They are wonderful, and I am confident that you will love how they “fit” on you too!



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