January 16, 2010

– abode – Grand re-Opening Sale

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I am branching out from my normal fashion type posts, and I am going to review a house!

Thanks to my Plurk-pal  Aya Liotta, owner of – abode – for dropping a review copy of the Sephia Lake House on me.

I rezzed it on my tropical plot of land, and instantly fell in love with it.

I love the simplicity, the realistic textures, the weathered brick & pressure treated lumber lend themselves to my love of a shabby-chic style, and the reminder of more simple days gone-by.

I walked up on to the tiered deck, and peeked in the window, then immediately rushed inside to explore my new 2-bedroom treasure.

The initial feel is very warm.    I am not normally a fan of the color green, but I do love the peaceful, celery colored walls.

Notice the small loft area?

The fireplace  of course, is the focal point of the living room.  If you have a closer look, inside, there is a sweet surprise behind the flames adding a bit of decorative flair.

A short hallway leads down to the bedrooms.

The Master Bedroom has room for your basic essentials.  The patio doors open on to another deck.  I picture romantic nights watching the sunset while dancing or cuddling with a friend.

The second bedroom, is very bright, with windows on  opposing walls, over-looking the decks.

The moderately sized dwelling is 200-prims, and would fit perfectly on a 4098 sq. m. plot.

To celebrate her grand re-opening, Aya has reduced the price of the homes, more than 50%!   This bargain is only available for the first 48-hours, so be sure to hurry over & pick up your new lake house!

Aya plans to release new homes often.  Slap that subscrib-0 so you will be among the first to know about new releases, sales & freebies!

There is another home, that caught my eye, it’s a Seaside Escape, 250 prims, and so full of awesomeness, that I purchased it!

The Miabella, is an open concept home, decorated with sculpted piping on the outside of the walls, sheers, light wood, cool shades of blue, and perfect for that beach plot!   TP over to – abode – and have a look for yourself.



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