February 14, 2010

Affordable Low-Prim furniture

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I was traveling the grid today, not looking for anything in particular, which is always bad.  I find that if I am looking for something specific, I can never find it. I just happen upon the best stuff serendipitously.

The “stuff” I found today, inspired me to blog, about low prim, & affordable home furnishings.

I was exploring the Albero Home & Garden sim today.  There are a ton of fabulous stores, I am sure I bought something from each of them – seriously!

The store that inspired this quickie post,  is named (TLND) which is short for “True Love Never Dies.”    Its a quaint little store, with sculpted low prim furnishings.

I have chosen the white wood items, for my beach home; but the dark wood options are just as wonderful.

First there is the 200L DayDream Bed.  Its simple & very functional at  5 prims with 12 different poses.

What bedroom suite would be complete with out night stands / bedside tables?

These are just 1 prim each, 50L & copiable!  There is a drawer open option, or drawer closed.

Other accessories available, include the  ladder type stand ($L10), the mirror ($L20) & the rack shown below is ($L50).

This cute table & chair set, as shown below, 6 prims total!   Isn’t that amazing?!

The table could be yours for just $L30, & the chair $L75.     It amazes me that these items are copiable for how inexpensive they are.

If you are in need of budget conscious, low prim furnishings, you should definitely check out (TLND). The main store is here.

See you next time!




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