July 3, 2010

New Mua Skins!

Posted in Skin at 08:34 by savvyd

My old friend, Babyhoney Bailey, has released a new set of Mua skins.     I was very excited about her last release, and I have to say, she has exceeded my expectations with the new line.    You can view these beauties at the .44 Caliber Main Store.

Follow the arrows on the floor to the new skins. (Don’t forget to slap that subscribo on the way by).

Skin tones include Pale, Natural, Beach, Spice & Cocoa.   The make up on the skin is artistically done and ranges from a minimalist, natural look to outrageous, and runway suitable.

The shading of the lips on the skin is absolutely fantastic – they are slightly pouty, sexy and definitely kissable!

Here are a few of my favorites:

At the top, from left to right, we have Sofia & Susanne in Beach skin tones.    Underneath those, from left to right, we have Kimberly & Noirran in the Pale tone.

The pictures really don’t do the skins justice.   You must get down to the store & check out the demos.   At $L400 each, you can afford to buy all your favorites!


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