July 4, 2010

Cupcakes Skin Club!

Posted in Skin at 09:01 by savvyd

I have been a long time fan of the Cupcakes store. They have cute, affordable, functional fashions as well as some pretty awesome skins.     While the store is being remodeled, you can join the group for FREE; usually, there is a $L250 join fee; but its definitely Lindens well spent.

Store owners, Rosemary Gailbraith & Mimi Coral are very generous to their group members,  offering 50% discounts on store gift cards, random sales, buy one – get one free or exclusive make up.

Along with these incredible group benefits, they have also started a 1000L Skin Club.

The initial release was June 20th, and offered 24 skin tones & variations all “drama” themed.

This month, 1000L will get you:

  • 2 DAHLIA makeups, all tones including freckle options
  • 1 FANTASY makeup, all tones

That equates to 17 skins, for just 1000L!

This is a limited time offer and the last club pack of the summer, so hurry over.  Sale ends tonight!

DAHLIA is the newest addition to the Cupcakes skin line.   The original release of the skin consisted of 4 tones, Cameo/Lace, Copper/Sun-kissed, Sienna/Nutmeg, and Mocha!

These skins offer a natural, healthy glow, with tons of make up choices and tint-able brows.   Skins are a great deal at the normal retail price of $L800 each – making the skin club an even more amazingly awesome deal!

Check out the fantasy skins below.   These are just 2 of the 9 included in the pack.

Fantasy skins come complete with matching elf ears for each skin tone.

Along with the Club Pack, I picked up this Dahlia skin, in copper tone, with the makeup, “Sanguine”.

I love it!

As a side note, the   discount room offers 4 skin lines priced at just 250L per skin.  I noticed an Asian skin included in the discount, with very subtle make up. Absolutely gorgeous!

Stop by the Cupcakes Store, and demo these beauties.


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