July 17, 2010

Ce Cubic Effect

Posted in Clothes/Fashion at 08:18 by savvyd

I was out wandering the grid today, and saw a girl wearing the cutest prim top.   I quickly inspected it, clicked on the creator profile, and TP’d over to a store that was new to me, Ce Cubic Effect. I am not often wowed by clothing stores, but the range of clothes in this store is WOW worthy!   The sculpted prims and attention to detail will certainly catch your eye.  While the prices are higher than what I would normally be willing to pay for a skirt, or top I can certainly appreciate the time & effort put in creating these wonderful pieces.   The clothing line ranges from halter tops, layered skirts, jackets, belts and the list goes on.

I thought this ensemble was so cute.   It comes with 2 top styles, so you can dress it up, or dress it down.  The belt was purchased separately and works well with either top.   This comes in a variety of colors and can be worn with flip-flops, heels or flats.

The next outfit, is actually 2 separately purchased pieces.   This set was actually used on the vendor ad for the scroll skirt, so I went hunting for the halter top.

I will probably wear this as shown above; however the skirt would make an awesome addition to my beach wear as a sarong as well.     I did have to make modifications to the prims to cover my big butt.  The only improvement I would like to see, is to have a removable re-size script to make alterations a little easier.

I managed to restrained myself, and only purchased a couple of outfits, but its definitely on my list of stores to visit again.


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  1. Great idea, thanks for this post!

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