August 21, 2010

She’s So Unusual!

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Not only is this the title of an 80’s pop album, it’s the name of Rowan Carroll’s shoe store in Second Life ®.

Rowan’s inventory consists of shoes that I’d label as “fun” or sometimes “silly” – definitely not what you seen in every other shoe store on the grid.   It’s Rowan’s imagination that really sets her apart from the rest.

Here you have the Paisley Pumps in “Curacao”.

Not only is the color gorgeous, but using a paisley shape as the heel was a pretty cool idea that really dresses up a classic pump style shoe.

An example of a “silly” shoes are this next pair, which really made me giggle when I saw them.

No, your eyes haven’t deceived you, Rowan has used a phallic symbol as a shoe heel!

Do you have a sweet tooth?

This yummy pair is part of  a collection of our favorite childhood confectionaries.  Wrapped bonbons adorn the heel above, while others include lollipops and cupcakes as well as a pair of Mary Jane’s decorated with candy hearts!

If you prefer a cool treat, there are Sundae Shoes!!

These delicious delights come in 3-flavors which you can purchase in a fat-pack or separately.  Notice the waffle-cone heel – it is just precious.

Rowan also has more everyday styles, such as this pair of sling-back wedges.

This shoe style, is one of two  in the main store, that have posters indicating that the same texture is used in an outfit at another store for a completely coordinated look!

Be sure  to visit Rowan’s booth at the Shoe Fair (which ends Aug. 22nd at 6pm slt) for more of her fabulous shoes or to keep up on SSUS new releases,  here is the blog link.

Do you dare to be unusual too??


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